Floral Dresses, the Best Choice for Summer!
By Vicky | 21 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Floral Dresses, the Best Choice for Summer!

The most popular dresses for spring and summer, floral dresses can definitely C-suite. Floral - is an indelible fashion element. Especially in the summer, especially prominent. Floral exudes the taste of a small woman, sweet and plain. As long as you pick the right one, fairy, sexy, street, these are the feelings that floral dresses bring to you, so you instantly become sunny and bright.

Floral print dresses, without other accessories, can be worn full of vintage sense. Although there will always be a lot of fairies, feel that it is easy to wear a rustic, old-fashioned. But, as long as the style is chosen right, who can be beautiful to explode.
Note: It is recommended that the choice of color on the flower don't easily challenge the color is too chaotic style. Two colors of the print is best to manage.

Choice of Styles
If you want to look good in a floral dress It is crucial to show more skin.
In the version, you can try to choose, waist + deep v + high open hem design. Hight waist deep-V high open hem design can optimize the body line, especially for the lower body slightly fat fairy.
Note: If you are worried about too sexy, you can choose a refreshing bit of print dress to neutralize it.

For Fairies with Thick Arms
Choose the bubble sleeve style to trim your arms and look literary and vintage.

Square-neck Floral Dress
Combine beauty and elegance, and also slim the figure.

Wrap Floral Dress
Laid-back and romantic, while the V-neck design can modify the face shape and neck line.
Note: Even if the body is slightly fat fairy The dress can hide the flab and The most beautiful, fashionable degree will also be instantly up.

High Split Floral Dress
Show leg length, suitable for small people.
Note: The side split allows the leg shape to be hidden. It is the "blindfold" of the real leg length.

Halter Floral Dress
Spaghetti strap design, base color with floral. It can trim the arm line and weaken the upper body fullness. And then with canvas shoes or sandals, are very distinctive.
Choice of Background Color
Floral dress selection, the first thing to look at is the base color.
For example: The skin tone is darker fairy.
Suggestion: Don't choose the base color is too bright or too colorful style.

Printed color and the base color, both must be distinguished.
Note: The bottom color is not clear skirt to be selected carefully.

Choose light base color: Comes with a sense of retro, a small fresh temperament, so you can make a new height of beauty.

Choose dark base color: look mature and aura. You can show off the fresh and uncomplicated temperament charm.

Black and white are the most carrying base colors. Even if the print on it has complicated shapes or bright colors, it will not look cluttered.
Selection of Shredded Flowers
When selecting floral print items, we have to stick to the principle of subtraction.
Note: Choose a fresh and simple shredded texture, relatively will be more comfortable and durable .
Suggestion: Don't print more than three colors, otherwise not eye-catching. Also will make people dazzled, and no focus on the sense of sight.
Selection of Large Floral Print
1. The more white space you leave, the better. Big floral print with strong emotion. So it needs a large area of white space to accentuate. If it is too dense, it will be counterproductive. Not only is there no sense of breathability, it also makes people feel cramped and uncomfortable.

2. Be careful to choose a dress with unclear base color. Blurred colors will make you charming and vulgar.
Suggestion: The base color and the flower color must be clearly distinguished.

Choose of Small Broken Floral
Prefer this arrangement dense, but the floral pattern style must be simple and fresh.

No Floral, Not Summer. Its charm lies in any skirt type, there is no substitute. It does not require a perfect figure to wear your best. Put on your floral dresses and show off your beauty.
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