How to Buy Wholesale Clothing for Your Boutique
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How to Buy Wholesale Clothing for Your Boutique

How can you make your boutique stand out from the crowd of local boutiques? The most important part is buying wholesale clothing for your boutique. Make quality, trends and price your primary considerations.
Before you buy wholesale clothing, you need to understand your customers' clothing needs and determine the style niche of your boutique.

Therefore, you need to develop a researched buying plan that identifies your target audience, as well as your buying budget. Then spend a few days researching new products on the market and choosing the ones you think will sell to your audience.

With a buying plan in place, you are very clear on your buying goals when buying wholesale apparel, saving time and finely planning your budget.

Where you can find the best products for your boutique?

1. Apparel Trade Show
Each quarter there are trade show that lasts several days and typically has thousands of booths for you to visit and hundreds of wholesale suppliers of apparel, gifts, accessories and more to choose from. You buy products with buyers representing large department stores and shopping centers! They will also be looking for the right products at this trade show!

If you find a wholesale supplier and products you can work with, you simply place your order and then the products will be delivered to you by a specific delivery date.

2. Offline Wholesale Marketplaces
Americasmart in Atlanta, Georgia, the Fashion Industry Gallery in Dallas, TX, and the Los Angeles Fashion Market - these offline wholesale markets have many wholesale options. The range includes suppliers of apparel, accessories, footwear and gifts. You can meet the suppliers directly at the market, see the quality, touch and feel the products and get inspired.
Some markets allow you the option to buy on site and take the items home with you on the same day.

3. Buy Wholesale Online
You can also buy wholesale clothing online. You can search through search engines and you can usually find some of the more popular online platforms. Each of these online platforms offers different categories of clothing. You can check which platform is best for your boutique based on your buying plan.

You need to be aware that each platform serves a slightly different audience and the minimum order requirements will vary. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to their terms of service and purchase.

4. Wholesale Apparel in Gaovot
You can buy wholesale clothing from Gaovot, ordering from Gaovot will allow your boutique to keep up with fashion trends and give your products a great advantage in your local area. Gaovot is an online wholesale clothing platform with its own factories and integrated supply chain, leaving out the wholesaler middleman and guaranteeing quality and price from the source, thus ensuring profits for yourself and your customers. Gaovot prides itself on Its affordable and high quality clothing prides itself on providing boutiques with dropshipping, customization and one-stop wholesale services. You can order samples without a minimum order and start growing your business!


5. Garment Manufacturers
You can work directly with a manufacturer instead of a wholesaler. Apparel manufacturers have many wholesale options. You can buy pre-made items directly from them, removing the middleman price and reducing inventory purchasing costs.
Visiting a manufacturer's factory is a great way to learn about the latest boutique trends and build intimate relationships and insights with the manufacturers you work with.
Visiting a manufacturer's factory will give you the opportunity to feel the quality of the garments and see the fit. Pictures from websites don't always give a correct indication of how these items will fit your boutique customers.

Before you arrive, try to make an appointment directly with the manufacturer to ensure you meet is their manager or owner.

What more should you know?
Schedule product deliveries based on seasons/holidays
The fashion industry usually goes through two main seasons: spring/summer and fall/winter. Depending on the market you choose to target, you must purchase your maximum inventory 2 to 4 times a year, with small amounts of inventory purchased during that time to retool to suit your customers' tastes.

Make sure to schedule your inventory deliveries to match the main buying seasons. The gift cycle usually begins with deliveries prior to the major winter holidays starting in October.

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