Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2023
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Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2023

With the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion shows all but over. We've jotted down and extracted the key fashion trends to look out for next year, we have a preliminary blueprint of the trends for the next collections and while our designers are sticking to their own individual styles, we've also put together some common key ideas that will permeate through the direct-to-market collections and into our wardrobes.
Take a look at the best spring/summer 2023 fashion trends from GAOVOT below. Then, get every outfit on before the season arrives.

Polka Dot Print
Polka dots are always at the forefront of fashion and can be both demure and cute!
It's hard to miss the polka dot print, so when the detail of this appears in several collections, we know it will be a big draw this season. Polka dots can be just as versatile as spring stripes, especially if you swap out the understated neutrals with bright colors.

Tassel Detail
Fringe is an ideal trend for summer and as one of our favourite summer trends, the best dresses and party pieces are treated to a complete fringe makeover for an irresistible look. From subtle fringes on skirts and knitwear to full on dazzling dresses, this is a trend.
Fringed dresses. Thick layers of fringing are layered on top of bodycon silhouettes, for a party-ready aesthetic that sway as you move. 2023 brings a touch of glamour to your wardrobe.
Tasseled knits. For a more casual trend, look for knits with slight fringing that draw more on the bohemian and artisan roots of this style.
Beachwear. From the best beach cover-ups to the latest swim styles, fringed accents will help elevate your poolside set.

Lace Detailing
Lace detailing is a great look for spring/summer dressing as the lighter fabrics and cut-out details are perfect for warmer weather. Lace detailing is the basis of the 2023 fashion trend, from classic white to bold and punchy pinks and blues, and from lace shirts to lace dresses, the look is interpreted differently by brands.

As the most feminine of trends, ruffles, big and small, shone on numerous catwalks. From big skirts to big sleeves, the explosion of ruffles has been a trend for the past few seasons and feels like an extension of the desire to be more present and noticeable. This trend is also more than capable of making your style shine.If you're not sure you can hold up to a multi-layered dress, opt for smaller ruffle details such as blouses and skirt hemlines.
Ruffled skirt. When it comes to the best long dresses for 2023, don't underestimate the power of elongated ruffles. Look for vertical ruffles which will draw people up and down your silhouette.
Ruffled shoulders. From tops to sweatshirts, expect appliquéd ruffles to add luxurious detail to casual styles.
Ruffled shirts. A great way to inject this look into a workwear wardrobe, ruffled shirts soften androgynous pieces and tailoring in an instant.

Floral is the go-to print for summer because it is a look that never go out of style. A timeless trend, florals will always have a part to play in your spring/summer wardrobe. For 2023 however you can go bigger, bolder than ever before.
Bold, bright florals: The spring/summer trend for 2023 is about oversized and statement blooms. Go for large-scale, repeat patterns on pretty much anything.
Floral dresses: A safe purchase, a floral dress, is one of the best summer dresses and will cover you for a host of summer occasions, meaning you can avoid those 'nothing to wear moments'.
Printed blouses: When it comes to separates, a printed blouse will add an instant uplift to everyday basics, bringing classic blazers and tailored pants into the new season in a flash.

As we move into 2023, pink is still having its moment and neon green is vying for the top spot, but with so many different highlight colours trying to steal our attention, it's the beige pieces that really stand out. Sure, the sand and khaki shades may not sound great in theory, but the neutrals balance out the ruffles, cut-outs and shimmering designs in a way we won't soon forget.

Personalised Pockets
Multiple pockets, one of the common features of the spring/summer 2023 shows. How many times has a 'nice dress' comment prompted you to yell, 'and its got pockets'? We have a long-term fascination with pockets, largely because they have often been something women's clothing have rarely considered as a necessity, but this practical addition is firmly front and center when it comes to the fashion trends 2023.
Shacket: A transitional wardrobe fave, the shacket - thats a shirt-jacket hybrid and it is a handy layering tool that taps into this utilitarian style and has great pockets too.

Asymmetric Lines
It's a small trend with big impact. Whether it's an asymmetric hemline or a one-shoulder neckline, it's all about the high-low angle. One-shoulder dresses are a summer favourite that are sexy and flattering. Stick to bodycon styles in neutral tones such as black, cream and white for an understated 90s-inspired look.
Asymmetrical skirt. Asymmetrical skirt is very flattering and help to elongate the legs rather than cutting you off in the same place.

For spring, it's all about slender, dresses with subtle, strategically placed silhouettes. From floor-length dresses, to unexpected cut-outs, to delicate bouquet-style midi dresses, all endorsed by some of fashion's most high profile design houses.

Sleek Simple Cut
There's no doubt about it, we love a vibrant blazer. For spring 2023, classic blazers can be less boring through clean lines and beautiful materials. Also oversized staple styles can take the blazer look to the extreme. Pair it with classic jeans or matching trousers and there is no doubt that it will be a striking look.

These fashion trends will be seen everywhere next spring (and you can buy them now).


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