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Customized Clothing


If you are looking for a manufacturer of custom-made clothing, then it is very necessary to choose Gaovot.

We help you brand your garments!
Our custom apparel service program is designed to fit small to medium sized businesses, startups and those new to the apparel production industry to help them get what they need. Our professional custom apparel services are for those who want to develop their own clothing line and make the best apparel products.

Whether it's a custom garment or a printed product, we can help you find what you really need. Gaovot has a large selection of quality fabrics, as well as a variety of garment styles and designs. The garment manufacturing process has many details: cut, color and material are all customizable parts of garment production development. You can even add your own artwork to your custom design. 

Why choose Gaovot custom clothing service?

Choose the right garment manufacturer to cut costs!
You don't need to know much about garment production to get started, because we'll help you with the technical aspects of the garment manufacturing process. Simply provide us with some basic sketches or design files. Then our apparel production experts will guide you through the steps necessary to create your custom garments. From creating your private label design files to coordinating with the production team at our garment factory, we do almost everything.

After that, samples are created from your ideas that reflect the perfect garment production process. We are a garment manufacturer and we own our own production line. Being your small-volume garment manufacturer is our special advantage. Our garment manufacturing process seamlessly integrates your ideas into the specialized production lines of the best garment factories and fabric suppliers.

How to customize?

Step 1: Sample Drawings/Samples

You can send hand drawings, reference products or digital images for better visualization.

Step 2: Select Style and Fabric

Choose from hundreds of fabrics, colors and styles. We offer a wide range of fabrics in cotton, wool, linen and blends. Personalized details such as collars, buttons, thread colors and cuffs. Explore more options!

Step 3: Proofing/Proof Confirmation

Professional proofing team, 3 days fast publication, confirm quality.

Step 4: Production Making

After you decide on a custom-made sample, we will proceed to mass production. We pay attention to the production process of custom-made garments in order to protect and manage it.

Step 5: Quality Inspection

We check each mass-produced batch of the garment line for any possible problems. Make sure that your customers receive each finished product without any problems involving defects.

Step 6: Packaging and Shipping

Equipped with an efficient ERP management system to allow orders to be packed and shipped out as soon as possible.

Customization Instructions
The store to factory direct sales, processing custom as a sales model. Customized products once the production is confirmed as a finished product, the size of the product style can not be changed. Therefore, once the custom style is sold, if there is no quality problem, no returns will be accepted!

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