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Our Story

Gaovot is a brand that delivers the source factory supply chain clothing. Gaovot is committed to creating fashionable, high quality and diversified clothing brands for women around the world. We advocate the lowest cost to provide customers with the greatest value, "100% customer satisfaction" is our consistent service purpose.


Gaovot as a source factory for clothing brands. Passionate about providing small retailers and boutiques with affordable, reliable, top quality and fashionable women's clothing. Nowadays, Gaovot has helped a large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs to develop their apparel business. We sincerely hope that you will benefit from our services and Gaovot would like to achieve greater success together with you.


Gaovot was founded by founder Emily and began with her regaining her dream.

She grew up loving dressing dolls and dressing them up in various ways. When she grew up, she aspired to become a fashion designer. However, her family could not support her to study fashion design full time, so she kept working in the nursing profession. 
When she stopped by the window of a women's clothing store again, she looked through the window, as if she saw something that once belonged to her but had disappeared. There was some longing in her eyes and some confusion. The dull work and life made her seem to see the end of the future at a glance, she envies others who can always do what they love.
She's obsessed with the past, she's resigned to it, and she's always loved designing clothes and seeing people wearing the clothes she designed. 
Finally, she took the plunge and quit her job. She wanted to start a fashion brand of her own! A professional, fashionable and diversified clothing brand that will fill women around the world with confidence and happiness!


Her journey into fashion branding did not start easily.

With absolutely no knowledge base, she began to read books and attend trainings to get more information to fill her knowledge bucket of fashion design. She began to run the market and familiarize herself with fabrics and materials. She needed to have a clearer understanding of silk, space cotton and various high-tech composite fabrics, cotton and linen, digital printing, etc.
With the support of knowledge, she started to explore every concept. She pursues excellence in fabric, pattern making, pattern adjustment, sample garment. She kept trying and polishing the details. During the process, she kept failing and kept trying. Finally, she went from a street stall to a small store to an online mall, and she made more people know about Gaovot one step at a time.


She no longer fights alone.

Nowadays, Gaovot has established a full-fledged brand team. Not only does she strictly require herself to take every detail seriously, but she also requires each and every employee to ensure that every step is correct. Because a small mistake can affect the quality of the finished garment.

Gaovot mission is gradually taking shape in the development, and also moving from quantitative to qualitative change in the continuous development. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of brick-and-mortar stores have closed down. Many small retailers and boutiques have broken their capital chains due to the accumulation of large amounts of inventory. Gaovot wanted to contribute to the apparel industry, so it started to provide retailers and brick-and-mortar stores with no-inventory, drop-shipping services. So in terms of the current situation, Gaovot's mission is to make retailers and boutiques profitable while staying true to the original intent of the brand. In terms of the long term mission, Gaovot wants to make high quality clothing with fashionability available to women all over the world.
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